Pest Control Marketing Workshop Library

Attention PCOs/WCOs:

If your business has hit a wall and is not growing…or if it is growing but not nearly as fast as you would like for it to…and you’re looking for some answers to help you…you’ve come to the right place so please keep reading!

“I want to show you the EXACT MARKETING STRATEGIES I used to grow my pest control company from a one-man-with-a-spray can operation into a million dollar business!”

The Pest Control Marketing Workshop home study course will show you exactly how to DOUBLE, TRIPLE…even QUADRUPLE your business FASTER than you ever imagined!  (And the cost is less than the price of one good termite job!)

(See Testimonials Below) 

This home study course contains 6 separate one hour sessions of simple-to-understand, easy-to-implement strategies, tips, techniques and amazingly clever ways to create steady streams of new customers who keep showing up at your door and raising their hands saying, “We want to do business with YOU!” 

The information presented in this course will change the way you think about selling and marketing for the rest of your life…I GUARANTEE IT!

“Two years ago I was working for a large national pest control company in management. I really wanted to be in sales but had no idea how to sell. I struggled for years trying to sell but had very little success. Then I stumbled across Hal Coleman and everything changed.  I purchased his Pest Control Marketing Workshop Library course and began listening to what he had to say…and I started applying his strategies and techniques.  Now…fast forward 18 months. I have moved out of management and become the top sales person in my branch. Last year I sold over $100,000.00 in termite and pest control.  It has totally changed my life. Now I love selling because I know how to do it and make it fun…and effective. I will forever be grateful to Hal. If you want to learn how to sell…you need to get his Pest Control Marketing Workshop program now!” Danny Jaso, Richardson, Tx. 214-998-5101.

This training will show you:

  • Thirty Second Selling: “How To Get Anyone To Say YES In 30 Seconds Or Less!” This one module will blow you away with it’s POWERFUL EFFECTIVENESS…and it’s AMAZING SIMPLICITY! Learning this one technique will change the way you sell for the rest of your life!
  • How To Double Your Business In 12 Months Or Less! This module is all about how to get more referrals from your current customers much EASIER and FASTER!
  • 10 BIG WAYS You Lose Money(day after day, month after month and year after year)! What you are doing wrong both online and offline that is costing you a fortune and you don’t even know it.
  • 46 Proven Strategies GUARANTEED To Bring People To Your Door Ready To Do Business With YOU! Easy-to-implement strategies that work. You can start using these today. (You’re probably already doing some of them…but not all!)
  • 9 Surefire Ways To Make Your Customers Fall In Love With YOU (and refer you more often)! How to make your customers want to TALK ABOUT YOU all over town!
  • Secrets Of The Networking NinjaThe 6 Tools and 10 Strategies of a Networking Ninja! (How to become a Master Networker in your community) Learn how to easily turn total strangers into lots of PAYING CUSTOMERS!

“It only takes one good termite job or one good pest control account to pay for this entire program and you will learn how to sell dozens and dozens…even hundreds more jobs for the rest of your life. It is the biggest no-brainer on the planet!”

For a limited time this program is yours for the low price below!

So…How much is this program really worth?

Let’s look at some NUMBERS!

FACT: The average lifetime value of a pest control customer in The United States is $5000.000 spent over a 10 year period (Actually the 5K is a little low but let’s go with it).

Assuming that each new customer is worth $5000.00…you would only have to get ONE NEW CUSTOMER to make this investment well worth the money!

But…there are 6 ONE HOUR WORKSHOPS in this program! (See above). Now…if each workshop helps you get only one new customer this year, that would be a total of 6 new customers…which would equal a total of $30,000.00 in new business! (If you go through the program and do even a 10th of what I tell you to do…you will get a lot more than 6 new customers for sure.)

Now…do you see why paying ONLY $997.00 for the entire program…which you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to is a NO-BRAINER? 

PLUS…READ MY GUARANTEE BELOW. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

My No Risk, No Bull 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee: “If you purchase the Pest Control Marketing Workshop home study course and…after going through all of the material…you don’t believe it was worth every penny you paid…PLUS a whole lot more…all you have to do is let me know and I will promptly refund your money…period. So you have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE!”

“Hal, It is great to have all these workshops available online at the click of a mouse.  I can have it as the center of my attention for an intent lesson and review, or simply playing in the background as I do other necessary “stuff” around the office.  Many of your recommendations have already become part of our strategy and are paying off . . . BIG TIME!  Being able to hear these messages on demand help us remember which of your recommendations we have already started using as well as the next simple steps we need to take.  Thanks for offering these workshops online!  They are well worth the investment we made becoming a member.”  Glenn Laney , Ennis Exterminating, Inc., (404) 271-7146 cell (770) 716-0867 office

“Hal, The Pest Control Marketing Workshop Library is great!! Love the ideas for getting referrals. Definitely a great investment!”  Jarod Brown, Source Pest Control, Temecula, Ca. –  951-760-1885

This training will also show you:

  • How to get more new customers from your website!
  • How to get more new customers from your ads and brochures!
  • How to get more new customers from your vehicles!
  • How to get more new customers from your sales presentations!
  • How to use your business card to get more new customers!
  • How to get your current customers to buy more from you!
  • How to get your current customers to refer you a lot more often!

“Dear Hal,  Using your Pest Control Marketing Workshop Library, I can get the lessons and the coaching I need on my schedule and at my convenience.  I can also involve others in the learning without travel and without scheduling attendance for a webinar.Distance training and distance coaching is an exponentially growing industry.  Congratulations on being the first in the PMP world to venture into the “semi-live video coaching” realm.  Hal, you have become our outsourced sales, marketing and advertising coach.  The value you bring to the table – remotely or in person – is amazing.    I recommend your Pest Control Marketing Workshop Library to all my PMP friends and associates.” Jeff Annis, President, Advanced Services, Augusta, Ga.  706-860-0116,

The Pest Control Marketing Workshop Library can be used in any combination of the following ways…for any small business:

    • Your own personal sales training resource that you return to again and again as you begin to learn and apply the information to grow your business
    • To provide continuous training for your staff and employees
  • To give you the edge up on your competition
  • To provide continuity in your company training
  • As a resource of sales and marketing nuggets you can begin implementing in your business
  • To stimulate discussion and innovation for future growth

I’ve spent over 25 years and $530,000.00 to learn all of the things I’m going to share with you in this workshop. And, by joining today,  YOU pay a ONE TIME FEE of ONLY $997.00 for Lifetime Access to all of this training!

NOTE:  The total price for this entire program is ONLY $997.00 if you purchase it today. Think about it.  It only takes one good termite job or one good pest control account to pay for the entire program, and it will help you (and your employees) sell tons more for the rest of your life. That is an absolutely incredible return on your investment!

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“If you are serious about growing your pest control business there is no better bang-for-the-buck on the planet than investing in The Pest Control Marketing Workshop!”